Our Mission


Vincent's Legacy, Kindness "ROCKS"-The Beginning

Vincent W. Puckett took his life on Monday, May 1st of 2017. Vincent "left" this world as a result of bullying while in middle school. Our mission is to spread kindness along with suicide and bullying awareness. I, his mother formed Vincent’s Legacy while watching my eldest sister Amanda and my daughter, Lily, paint rocks on our front porch. They had painted so many that they began hiding them around our community of Mount Airy, NC. Sparking them to be posted on social media and then the rocks began to travel. A small rock was bringing joy to others and reminding them to be kind. I made a Facebook page for Vincent’s rocks to be posted on and soon we had over a thousand followers. This kindness movement that began on our porch was taking a life of its own. Spreading kindness all over the world, Vincent is traveling and making a difference, his voice is being heard. “We are more alike than we are different”, I hear him saying. This was one of his favorite quotes by Charles Darwin and has become our motto.

Our plans for the future

Vincent’s Legacy has already placed 5 kindness ROCK gardens-1 at BHT, 1 at Jones Intermediate, 1 at Mount Airy Middle, 1 at Mount Airy High and 1 at Waynesville community center in Waynesville Missouri. With plans to place more this school year.

Vincent’s Legacy also has Kindness rocks that have traveled to more than 40 states, also to Canada, Australia, Russia, and Rome just to name a few also with the help of Dr. Phillip Brown to Beijing, Mrs. Penny Willard to Iceland and Mr. Kevin Joyce to the Dominican Republic. Vincent’s Legacy has an office space in downtown Mount Airy, NC located  beside the Earl Theater that we lovingly refer to as HQ. This space is happy and filled with Vincent’s belongings. It’s a space that is open to our youth and their parents, welcoming them to not only paint rocks but to JUST BE, read a book, talk, swing in a hammock, sit in the sun or just reflect

My nightmare though ever present is quieter at times. My goal is to have a Vincent rock in every town, city, state and country. And to put Mount Airy, NC on the map as the kindest town in the USA. Vincent left on his journey just last year and look how much he has accomplished already. So I have no doubt that our mission will happen and that kindness will prevail because if you have Kindness first then how can you have hate.

Yearly Events and Partnerships

  • Vincent's Legacy partners with school systems to implement policy changes, crisis intervention along with speaking engagements addressing the growing bullying epidemic. Vincent's Legacy also places Kindness ROCK gardens at schools and works with afterschool programs to keep their gardens growing. 
  • Vincent's Legacy hosts a yearly Kindness Day held each summer in Mount Airy, NC. This is a free community day where kindness is spread through rock painting, music, and food venders.

How it works

  1. Follow us on Facebook at Vincent's Legacy, Kindness "ROCKS" and on Twitter @VWPLegacy
  2. Paint a rock-for tips visit Vincent's Legacy, Kindness "ROCKS" on Facebook.
  3. "Tag" the back with, Vincent's Legacy, post on FB
  4. Hide the rock and watch it travel on our Facebook page, spreading kindness and awareness along the way.

Don't have time to paint then please consider making a donation so that our mission to spread kindness and awareness can continue. 

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