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Vincent's Story

 A New Years baby born in 2003, Vincent W. Puckett entered this world destined for big things. His older sister Lily Ann guided him and looked after him like he was her own. They had a unique bond and the two of them with their cousin Seth were inseparable partly due to them being so close in age but also because they were best friends. Seth, Lily and Vincent were "The Three Musketeers" and were ever one was the other two were close behind. Vincent quickly became a sponge for knowledge along with being a daredevil. He loved being in a tree and would climb so high as though trying to reach the heavens. There were many times he would go on his own adventures where the thoughts, opinions or advice from adults was not needed. Vincent would "get lost" in the woods for hours finding his own answers to the world. He had a love and compassionate heart for all animals, he had many cats and dogs growing up and even a African Grey Parrot named Chad. They would talk for hours, he felt connected and understood with animals. Vincent's love for reading quickly turned into his passion and was always reading multiple books at one time. He even enjoyed many college level Philosophy books. One Christmas Vincent received a dictionary and he read it cover to cover. His passion for reading ignited many questions within; like "why" or "just because things are this way, why should they continue to be this way". He was very philosophical to the extent of even questioning the question. So many infinite questions that his finite mind wanted answers to. Such a young boy with such big questions and aspersions. Vincent quickly advanced in school and found it difficult to fit in and find friends. He was a renaissance man stuck in the wrong time period. Once Vincent found music his life began to change, he found his niche. He also found a group of kids who he felt comfortable around due to their shared love for music. His musical tastes were all over the spectrum. There where many bands and musicians he enjoyed that his peers didn't even know. Vincent played the Tuba for the Mount Airy High School Band but was also teaching himself the Piano, and Guitar. Vincent was a very loving child and young man who had many strong passions, however he suffered with the internal struggle from all the pain and misfortune he saw in the world. He couldn't seem to understand how there could be so much hate, discrimination , hypocrisy, and selfishness in this world. Which he felt should be filled with love, kindness and understanding. Let's continue to carry on his legacy throughout our cities, states, our country and beyond. I'll leave you with this quote from Charles Darwin's philosophy on Social Darwinism which will explain Vincent's view of mankind "We are more alike than we are different."